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Just like me, this blog has been on a journey!

It all started with an instagram account which came into existence when I decided to join the masses and create a public food diary, a place to shame myself into eating ‘healthy’ and hold myself to account for all the ‘poor’ food choices I was making.

Fast forward to 2017 and that little old food account become so much more – it became my saviour, my go to and my road to recovery. After the loss of our twin daughters halfway through a much wanted pregnancy, I had a choice, I could either allow myself to spiral into an emotional black hole or I could take control, rebuild my life and find my therapy.

Food went from being the part of my life I restricted and obsessed over to something I began to get creative with and enjoy again – food became my therapy.

Today this blog and my Instagram are my healthy little something, they give me the creative outlet I need to mentally keep me on the straight and narrow, a space to write, to focus, explore, enjoy new recipes and celebrate a whole new world of food, drink and places to eat. Best of all, they give me access to a thriving network of like minded people who respect and embrace the fact that health and wellbeing come from a place of balance.

Here you’ll find recipes, ramblings and all things foodie related. So welcome to the home of my healthy little something, I hope you find yours,

Amanda x

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